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This is the first edition of “Unbelievable Japan” on this blog. Through this article, you would be able to know more about the unbelievable things available in Japan.

Today’s topic is “Bicycle”. But it’s not the usual bicycle you can see in anywhere in the world.

This bicycle enables to carry two children in max and is being used for the communte sending children off between home and kindergarten, shopping area, etc. Here is the exact picture (example) on its typical one.

Looks cool, doesn’t it. It is powered by electric mortor and weighs about 35.6kg. Plus, rider and two children… It might weigh over 100kg… And it can drive in over 24km/h. As we can see its brake system (Normal brake pads), how can this massive bicycle be stopped at the emergent brakig situation?

We can see this type of bicycle driving in high speed like a missile especially in the early morning. Another surprising thing is we can ride this type of bicycle without any license. Its rider is mainly women in around 30-40’s. Police is just watching and will not do any thing until any accident occurs (This is not only for this case, though).

Acutually accident cases (reported) are getting increased year by year. Here is the graph on the data collected by “東京消防庁救急搬送データ (Number of accidents related to the bicycle with infant seats)” in 6 years (2011-2017). Acoording to this, the total number of cases is 1349. The children aged from 0 through 6 (From left side in X axis, [Number of accidents in Y axis]) are the visctims.

By considering the decreasing population and birth rate in Japan, this problem shall be solved. But the govenment just recommend consumers to choose the “safer” bicycles with “BAA” certificate.

I think this is not just a matter of bicycle itself and its manufacturer, but also the goverment/law and user/consumer.

Thanks for reading through this article.

I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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