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Today’s topic is about “Food Terrorist”. This is not a joke and an emerged danger targeting at popular restaurants and their customers in Japan after the SNS like, YouTube, Instagram got available for every generation.

They call themselves as “Youtuber” shooting short movies on their bothersome behavior on food, (commonly shared free) soy source, dressing, ginger, pickles available for every customer at the restaurants. They say their motivation is to get good reputation in the SNS world and some money from affiliate.

Here are some exact pictures on them.

For the case on Sushiro, the popular conveyer sushi restaurant’s hygiene image was damaged by the food terrorist, who licked sushi on the conveyer, ginger, and drank soy source directly there. Sushiro filed a suit for it with 67 million JPY, but turned it down for some reason. Due to this, their stock price was dropped dramatically on that day, though.

For the case on Ikinari steak, the popular steak restaurant was also damaged by the food terrorist, who drank steak saurce directly there.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Other restaurants, convenience stores and their customers are the victims. As most of all the criminals are young like teenagers, they will not be in prison. They just apologized and are at large. Just a youthfull foolishness?

That’s all for the today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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Live Life Free