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Today, I am goting to introduce “Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku / 宝川温泉 汪泉閣(群馬県)” as one of the Must-visit places in Japan. Why don’t you have a Serene Retreat for Inner Peace of Mind there.


Takaragawa Onsen Onsenkaku is a true escape from daily life, surrounded by sounds of the forest and the burbling river. There are indoor and outdoor onsen dotted along the riverbanks and spacious mixed-gender baths in which you can wear bathing clothes supplied by the hotel.
Gazing at the autumn leaves or watching the snow falling as you relax in the hot waters is an unforgettable experience. Most of the baths are open 24 hours for hotel guests, so you can sit under the stars as you soak. The hotel restaurant specializes in mountain cuisine, including locally caught river fish and mountain vegetables.

宝川温泉 汪泉閣は森とせせらぎの音に囲まれていおり、日常からの本当の逃避です。河川に点在する室内と野外の温泉とホテルが提供する浴衣を着て浸かる広々とした混浴があります。紅葉や降雪を見ながら浸かる湯舟は忘れられない体験です。ホテル利用者ですとほとんどの温泉は24時間利用できますので、星の下で湯舟に浸かることができます。ホテルのレストランは地元で獲れた川魚や山菜料理に特化しています。

[2]Other aspecs of its characteristics

Mixed-Gender Bathing: Takaragawa Onsen is known for its practice of mixed-gender bathing in some of its outdoor baths. This is relatively uncommon in Japan, where most onsens have separate bathing facilities for men and women. The option for mixed bathing provides a unique experience for visitors.

Riverside Setting: The onsen is situated along the Takaragawa River in a mountainous area. The natural surroundings and the sound of the flowing river add to the serene and scenic atmosphere, creating a distinct ambiance for bathers.

Large Open-Air Baths: Takaragawa Onsen features spacious open-air baths that overlook the river. The size and layout of these baths contribute to a more expansive and immersive experience compared to some other onsens.

Seasonal Beauty: The onsen’s location in the mountains provides an opportunity to appreciate the changing seasons. Guests can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, vibrant foliage in autumn, and a snowy landscape in winter, enhancing the overall onsen experience.

Accommodations in Ryokan Style: Visitors to Takaragawa Onsen can stay in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. The ryokan experience includes tatami mat rooms, futon bedding, and kaiseki meals, providing a complete immersion into Japanese hospitality and culture.

Limited Light Pollution: Being situated in a more remote, mountainous area, Takaragawa Onsen may offer opportunities for stargazing due to limited light pollution. This can be a unique experience for guests interested in celestial views.

That’s all for today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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