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Today, I am goting to introduce “Wajima Morning Market / 輪島朝市(石川県)” as one of the Must-visit places in Japan. Do you want to go and get some fresh fish there?


A Large, Energetic Daily Market in operation for over 1000 years.
Wajima Morning Market is one of the three biggest morning markets in Japan, with over 200 stalls. Its history dates back over 1000 years, when locals would barter for fish and vegetables during shrine festivals.
Today the market bustles with locals doing their grocery shopping. The energy of the vendors hawking freshly caught fish, local fruit and vegetables, and various dried goods draws curious visitors as well. Some stalls sell locally made crafts, textiles and snacks such as sweet bean-filled rice cakes called “Egara Manju”. Free grilling stations let shoppers cook their purchases to eat them on the spot.
The market operates daily from 8 AM to noon (except the second and fourth Wednesday of each month).



[2]Other aspecs of its characteristics

The following Japanese sweets are popular in global for your reference. Other hot sweets like Taiyaki (たいやき) [a fish-shaped pastry filled with various fillings, and one of the classic fillings is sweet red bean paste], Zenzai (ぜんざい) [Traditional Japanese dessert soup consisting of sweet red bean soup served with mochi.] are also popular in Japan.

1) Anmitsu Parfait (あんみつ):
Anmitsu parfait is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese dessert, combining the elements of anmitsu with the indulgence of a parfait. It typically includes layers of agar jelly, sweet red bean paste, fruit, and ice cream. This fusion of textures and flavors has found appreciation in various parts of the world.

2) Matcha and Red Bean Desserts:
Desserts combining matcha (green tea) and red bean paste, such as matcha-flavored dorayaki or matcha-flavored mochi with red bean filling, are enjoyed globally. The combination of the earthy matcha flavor with the sweet richness of red beans is well-received by those who appreciate Japanese flavors.

3) Red Bean Ice Cream:
Red bean ice cream, featuring sweet red bean paste swirled into or layered with ice cream, is a favorite Japanese dessert globally. The combination of creamy ice cream and the distinct flavor of red beans is a delightful treat enjoyed by many.

4) Daifuku (大福):
Daifuku is a popular Japanese sweet that consists of a soft, chewy mochi (glutinous rice cake) filled with sweet red bean paste. Some variations may also include other fillings such as strawberries or ice cream. Daifuku has gained popularity beyond Japan and is appreciated for its unique texture and sweet flavor.

5) Yatsuhashi (八つ橋):
Yatsuhashi is a traditional Kyoto sweet that has gained popularity worldwide. It consists of thin, cinnamon-flavored mochi wrappers filled with sweet red bean paste. Yatsuhashi is often associated with Kyoto and is a favorite souvenir for visitors to the region.

That’s all for today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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