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Today’s topic is about one of the Must-visit places in Japan. I am going to introduce Japan’s “Must-vist” places in series. The first place is “Goryokaku Park / 五稜郭公園(北海道)”.


Goryokaku is located in Hakodate, Japan and was constructed in 1864 as the first Western style star-shaped fortress surrounded by a moat and lush greenery, making it one of the country’s most distinctive historical landmarks. This bastion was turned into a public park in 1914. Although the bird’s eye view from the observation tower is impressive all year round, more than a thousand of cherry blossom trees cover the star-shaped grounds in pink blooms every spring.
When you visit the park, make sure to also visit the Former Magistrate’s office, in the center of the complex. You will be able to see a perfect reconstruction of traditional Japanese architecture.


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Historical Significance:
Originally constructed as a Western-style fortification in 1855, Goryokaku was designed by the French architect Vauban. The fort played a crucial role in Japan’s transformation during the late Edo period, symbolizing the country’s openness to Western influence.

Star-Shaped Design:
The defining feature of Goryokaku is its star-shaped design, visible from various vantage points. The layout was strategically planned for defense, providing clear lines of sight and efficient placement of cannons at each corner. The moat surrounding the fortress adds to its picturesque charm.

Cherry Blossom Paradise:
One of the best times to visit Goryokaku is during the cherry blossom season in spring. The expansive grounds transform into a breathtaking sea of pink and white blossoms, attracting crowds who come to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnics.

Goryokaku Tower:
For panoramic views of the star-shaped fortress and the surrounding landscape, Goryokaku Tower stands tall nearby. The observation deck offers a bird’s-eye view, allowing visitors to appreciate the geometric beauty of Goryokaku and the scenic backdrop of Hakodate city.

History Museum:
Within the Goryokaku Tower complex, there is a history museum that provides insights into the fort’s role in Japanese history, including its use during the Ezo Republic. Exhibits showcase artifacts, maps, and models, offering a deeper understanding of Goryokaku’s significance.

Seasonal Attractions:
Beyond cherry blossoms, Goryokaku offers different seasonal attractions. In winter, the grounds are transformed into a snowy landscape, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Goryokaku stands as a testament to Japan’s historical evolution and cultural openness. Its unique design, coupled with the changing beauty of the seasons, makes it a must-visit destination for those exploring the rich tapestry of Japanese history and natural beauty.

That’s all for today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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