Unbelievable Japan – Must-visit (2)


Today, I am goting to introduce “Zenbo Seinei / 禅坊 靖寧(兵庫県)” as one of the Must-visit places in Japan. Why don’t you have a Serene Retreat for Inner Peace of Mind there.

Zenbo Seinei is located amidst the pristine nature of Awaji Island, Zenbo Seinei is a wellness facility for rejuvenating the body and mind by adopting the philosophy of Zen. Designed by architect Shigeru Ban, winner of the Prizker Architecture Prize, Zenbo Seinei features a 100 meter long wooden deck where you can feel the warmth and bathe in the aroma of Japanese cedar. The retreat was developed as a place to allow visitors to experience Zen through experiences such as zazen meditation, yoga and healthy eating. If you would like to escape from the commotion of everyday life and experience a moment of peace and tranquility in a rich natural environment, this is the place to be. Zenbo Seinei offers both one day and overnight packages, including the “Zen Wellness Plan”, a one day retreat, and the “Zen Stay Plan”, an overnight experience in which guests have the chance to stay in rooms boasting aromatic wooden flooring and expansive glass windows that let in the natural light. Rejuvenate your body and mind and enjoy a moment of inner reflection in the open air, with a 360 degree panoramic view of Awaji Island that changes with each season.

禅坊 靖寧は手つかずの自然に囲まれた淡路島に位置し、禅の哲学を用いた身体と心を再生するための健康施設です。(2014年に建築分野の国際的な賞である)プリツカー賞を受賞した、建築家の坂茂によって設計され、特徴ある100メーター長の木製デッキで日本杉の温かさとアロマの中に浸ることができます。そこは、ゲストが座禅、ヨガ、健康食などの経験を通じて禅を体験できる場所として開発されました。毎日の生活の喧騒から逃げて、平穏と平静の時を体験したいのであれば、正にこの場所でしょう。禅坊 靖寧は日帰りと宿泊(一泊)の両方のパッケージを提供しており、日帰りの”禅健康プラン”、とアロマの木製フロアと自然光を取り入れる広大なガラス窓を誇る部屋に泊まれる”禅ステイプラン”があります。心身を再生し、各季節で変化する淡路島を360度のパノラマビューの見える開放的な空間で、内なる影響のひと時を楽しんでください。

I personally want to go and experience Zen there sometime.

That’s all for today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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