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Today, I am goting to introduce “Yame’s Traditional Crafts / 八女の伝統工芸(福岡県)” as one of the Must-visit places in Japan. Do you want to experience the authentic handmade crafts in Japan?


During the Edo period, many craftsmen flocked to Yame because of its importance, and the area flourished artistically. Today many of these traditional crafts remain alive thanks to the dedicated effort and skill of local artisans. In particular, Yame Fukushima Buddhist altars are majestic, splendid and breathtakingly well crafted, meaning they have become expensive in recent years. Nowadays, artisans have adapted the techniques they use in making altars to make intricate accessories and more.


Yame is also famous for its paper lanterns, stone garden lanterns, washi paper, spinning tops, arrows, Hoshino pottery, incense sticks and countless other crafts. Visitors are encouraged to experience these amazing crafts themselves by making these traditional goods.


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The following crafts are getting popular in the US for your reference. You might be able to find your favorit ones there.

Paper Lanterns:
Often admired for their delicate beauty and the soft, ambient light they provide. Decorative items for both indoor and outdoor settings, such as gardens or events.

Washi Paper:
Washi paper, known for its strength, texture, and often handcrafted nature, is used in various art and craft projects. It can be used for origami, calligraphy, and as a unique material for various paper-based creations.

Spinning Tops:
Traditional Japanese spinning tops, often made of wood and beautifully crafted, can appeal to collectors and those interested in traditional toys. The craftsmanship and playfulness of these tops can make them attractive to a wide audience.

Hoshino Pottery:
Hoshino pottery, known for its unique glazes and artistic designs, can be sought after by those interested in collecting pottery or adding unique and artisanal pieces to their home decor.

Incense Sticks:
Japanese incense sticks, with their various scents and cultural significance, are often enjoyed for meditation, relaxation, or simply as a pleasant fragrance in the home.

That’s all for today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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