Unbelievable Japan – Road Terrorist


Today’s topic is “Road Terrorist”.

First of all, this is not an urban legend. Food terrorist is geeting popular, but this terrorist has been existing since 1970.

This road terrorist is called “暴走族(Bousou zoku)” in Japanese, which is translated into English like “Mortorcycle/Bike gang”. But its reality is not so tame.

This road terrorist appears occasionally in public roads especially in the major urban areas of Japan. They assemble some groups/teams in major cities of Japan (Recognised 124 groups exist in 2021) and ride/drive illegally customized bikes and cars in groups ignoring traffic signals at pretty low speed like 20km/h or so (Slower than the infant carrier bicylce…) with annoying exhaust noise.

As they do this in the middle of the night in the weekends and/or holidays, they make sudden artificial traffic jam. Police don’t do anything for this until there is any accident reported, but just watch over. There must be a good reason to arrest them in terms of the usage on illegally customized bike and sabotage on the other people on/around the road. Some people say they are connected to “Yakuza”.

Although they don’t give any direct physical assault, they just take victims’ valued time off by blocking the road. I personally can’t understand what they want to do.

Just come and see them in the weekends/holidays, there is no Toecutter and his team, though…

That’s all for the today’s topic. I hope this would help you understand what is going on in Japan.


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